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Hotel on the Cairns Esplanade
Hotel on the Cairns Esplanade

Tourism and Hospitality positions tend to be confused, so you probably should have a look at our tourism jobs page as well. There are ample opportunities for skilled (and easy to train) people in the Cairns hospitality industry as much of the local economy relies on the hospitality and tourism industry. Most Cairns employers prefer their hospitality staff to have some previous experience, however many employers will take a risk with individuals full of personality or charisma!

The following positions are frequently available in the Cairns hospitality industry:

Skills required to fill a hospitality role

If you're considering a career in hospitality, or even just looking for a job, you need to consider that you'll be dealing with customers every day and you'll likely be working on your feet. Employers look for hospitality staff who are presentable and can handle a fast paced environment. Being in the front line of customers also means a friendly and outgoing personality is generally a desirable asset, and being able to take instruction from superiors is imperative.

How to find a hospitality job

Although the obvious places such as the Saturday and Wednesday editions of the Cairns Post and the various Cairns job agencies carry many hospitality positions, a large number of positions go unadvertised, and are filled through advertisements in shop windows and through friends of existing staff.

If you have skill and experience in the hospitality industry, try approaching the job agencies with your resume, and then scoping the Cairns Post for ads. Because of your experience you will find work quickly.

People looking for their first hospitality position may like to try attending the fantastic courses presented by the Cairns TAFE college, or look for lesser skilled positions which tend to be advertised in the shop windows. If you like the look of a restaurant or cafe, ask for the manager (when it's not busy - don't even try this during lunch time!) and tell them you're seeking work and you like the format of the business. Many will ask you to leave a resume, and some will interview you on the spot. There are lots of jobs, but there are lots of rejections too, so don't feel crest fallen if the first few don't say yes.

Hospitality rewards

There are many rewards to working in the hospitality industry. Not only do you get to see smiles on your customers faces, and finish work with the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from having satisfied someone, you also get sensational rewards from fellow hospitality industry businesses. Nightclubs, restaurants, bars, tour operators and many more businesses actively discount their products for hospitality staff. Look out for hospitality industry nights, and be sure to ask if there's an 'industry discount' when you're going to pay. Many places will require some sort of proof of employment, but the rewards are definitely worth it!

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