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Working in Cairns

Cairns Esplanade lagoon by night
Cairns Esplanade lagoon by night

Thinking of moving to Cairns to work? As long-term residents of Cairns, we can assure you it will be a decision never regretted.

To many, Cairns represents the perfect “livable city”. Cairns is a small city of around 200,000 people, situated right next to the Great Barrier Reef, and with the verdure of rainforest-clad mountains visible from every angle. Cairns possesses none of the problems associated with a capital city (traffic, crime, smog, etc.) yet still manages to provide every comfort in the way of shopping, entertainment, restaurants and nightlife. It can be difficult to adjust, certainly — not being able to use a supermarket 24 hours a day, for example — but with a little understanding and patience, the lifestyle will soon grow on you.

Cairns enjoys a cruisy pace; not at all rushed, and business is very relaxed. Visitors are often amazed to find many businesses operating out of converted Queenslanders — charming, and strangely inviting! Suits and ties are rarely seen, although this aspect is probably driven by our tropical climate more than anything else.

The region thrives on its tourism industry; consequently, the majority of jobs available in Cairns are in tourism and hospitality. Temporary work is very popular and many employment agencies specialise in temporary hospitality positions.

Other industries, such as IT, are bolstered by the tourism industry, and many opportunities also existing for graphic designers, web designers, and marketing professionals.

Real estate seems to be perpetually buoyant in the Cairns region, and builders and tradesmen are in constant demand. Experienced real estate agents will likewise find employment forthcoming with one of the many real estate agencies in Cairns.

Cairns Jobs — Employment opportunities in Far North Queensland, Australia

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